Thursday, May 1, 2014

Free Classroom Visit Promotion!

(St. Louis Area IL/MO)

 I am looking to give away 1(maybe 2, depending on schedules) free classroom visits to read my new book, NINJA BUNNY, answer questions about it and or writing in general, and a small activity.

Please e-mail with your name, school location and grade at:

This would be for a 1 hour (approx) visit, to one 3rd grade or lower classroom, no more than 30 students. Must be around a half hour drive or less from Edwardsville/Glen Carbon, IL area to qualify.
Would also have to have access to a TV, smartboard, or projector/screen in order to read the book since it's digital.

NINJA BUNNY is trying to be sneaky and stealthy to snatch a cookie before dinner, but he is too clumsy to pull it off. Will he ever get the elusive cookie? Available now at:

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